Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Queen Enjoys a Good Laugh

The Queen laughing as she passes her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, in uniform. He's smiling too.
So cute. I love them both! via


YONKS said...

I hear she laughed because he farted! Apparently he does this quite often for a laugh :-)

KClark Photography said...

If I were married, I'd want to grow old together still being able to laugh with each other.

tammy j said...

wow! he still cuts a figure doesn't he. and she is adorable.
a dyed in the wool anglophile here.
can never get enough of them.
the history alone. the color.
i know all the bad parts of it too i suppose ~ but i just simply love england and everything about it!

The Queen Vee said...

You know I do too, love them both. I think over the years they've laughed a great deal, that is what has gotten them through some very difficult life experiences and some very boring ones.

Long may she reign with her Prince Consort by her side.

Kay G. said...

Dear Rosemary,
I LOVE this photo!
I must tell you, I found a photo of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles together, just really laughing very hard and both of them pointing to something...I cut that photo from a magazine and put it in a birthday card for my English mother-in-law, and told her that even her Queen and Prince were tickled at her birthday!
See, you and I are sisters under the skin! xx

Garden, Home and Party said...

What a fun photo, who took it, I wonder? It's so sweet to see them having fun after all these years.

teaorwine said...

Love these two kids. Glad he is feeling better and dressed so gallantly.