Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tabitha Has Her Old Life Back

Our little canine visitor went home late yesterday afternoon. Tabitha is rejoicing that she doesn't have to run to the attic any more as Henry's friendliness was not welcomed. He was just trying to get acquainted but that wasn't on Tabitha's list of things she wanted to do. She barely tolerates Webster after all these years. This attic lookout is in my kitchen over the opening to the living room. I took these photos yesterday morning when she was trying to determine if the coast was clear. As it turned out, it was not!


Anonymous said...

Every little cat deserves a safe perch like this one for the observation of goofy dogs. Lucky Tabitha. How very smug she must feel to be far from the annoying antics of Henry.

Millie said...

This pic so reminds me of our old tabby Miss Chloe (RIP). MOTH used to call this her 'Snakey' look. I reckon it could well be given to Tabitha as well!
Millie xx

The Queen Vee said...

How nice that she has such a high perch to escape to, when in battle you always want to be on the high ground.

Vicki said...

Oh dear Tabitha! Sweet old girl.
At least she has a very lovely safe haven. Clever girl :)