Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sundial at My Cottage

I took this photo of the sundial near my front door recently. The snow had melted into a puddle on the top and I liked the reflections. I was in and out all day in this frigid weather and don't look forward to going out twice more with the wonder dog. He's looking at me right now sending me messages that he wants his dinner. So off to the kitchen I must go. 


Gail, in northern California said...

Dogs...they are amazing creatures, able to convey so much without ever speaking a word.

I could set my watch by my Misty's afternoon walk. She wanted it precisely at 4 o'clock and I could set my watch by her routine.

I miss her still.

Bonnie said...

Love the sundial! Willie is wanting dinner as well. Have a good evening. Bonnie

Anonymous said...

When our sweet girl would want to walk she would actually stalk me until I gave. Never with any regard of my time frame and when I needed to get to work. (I miss that). Sara, Ohio

The Queen Vee said...

Another great photo Rosemary. I looked at a month long weather forecast and it is predicting a very cold February for the Northeast (to include VA) and a warmer February for the West. Stay warm and stay healthy.

tammy j said...

my zeke would come to the chair where i'd be reading. he simply pushed me a little with his nose... ever so gently. that meant time for a walk. such a gentleman!
i had much catching up to do on content in a cottage. loved every one of them i'd missed.
now i am very content indeed!