Thursday, January 31, 2013

Portland Bungalow

Portland home by architect Brian Hanlen -- house plan details here.


jean said...

I lived in a bungalow very much like this one when a teenager for one year. I loved it.

tammy j said...

and yet . . . the moment i first saw it i somehow thought of a lady with a 1960's hairdo ~ you know when everyone had their hair pouffed up so big ~ making their heads look bigger than their bodies!
LOL. this little house looks like that to me.

Gail, in northern California said...

What a beautiful bungalow. Interesting lines. I wonder why the architect included recessed lighting along the roof lines. I guess it's o.k. but I'd hate to be the one who has to change the bulbs.'s lovely.

Garden, Home and Party said...

What a pretty house. I love the large, front porch...I could see sitting there sipping coffee, reading the Sunday paper.