Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mini Ice Storm at My Cottage

Everything is covered with a thin glaze of ice and it's a very gray day. Nothing has melted even though it doesn't seem that cold when I'm out in it with Webster. I took these photos mid morning and now it's mid afternoon. The salt trucks were out this morning so the roads are black. I took the first two photos with my iPhone while I was outside and the second two with my Nikon from inside the house.


LANA said...

We had ice mixed with rain. Gray and cold. It does look pretty in your photos, though. Stay warm, Rosemary.

Garden, Home and Party said...

We've had cold (relative) but that really looks cold. I hope you, Webster and Tabitha are staying warm. I've been thinking about spring lately.

jean said...

Maybe it's cold, but, it sure looks lovely! Love the icicles on the tree branches.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos. We are expecting a bit of a winter storm today and it comes in sometime in the afternoon. Last night I cancelled two meetings: one this afternoon and another at 6 p.m. for fear folks would be out on icy roads. "Better safe than sorry," they say. But, postponements do present their own sort of hassle.
Darn. Linda

Anonymous said...

if you ever want to give up real estate ~ you could be a professional photographer.
yes. you ARE that good!
tammy j