Friday, January 18, 2013

Country Kitchens with AGA Cookers

Delightful kitchen by Blackstone Edge Studios. via

Here is another Aga from a real life kitchen complete with dog in a basket. via


Wiesław Zięba said...

This dog is no really good in that basket. Kitchen beauty.

Garden, Home and Party said...

I've always loved the way AGA stoves look. I wish I knew someone that had one so I could know whether they cook as well as they look.

Anonymous said...

Now, this is an earnest kitchen and, yes, complete with a napping pup. Really, don't you think that we all too often see kitchens which look so slick and unruffled there should be a sign posted on the counter advertising: Cook Wanted. This kitchen clearly has a cook and many happy diners.
Sweet dreams.

Vicki said...

Sigh. And you know how I feel about such lovely kitchens with an Aga... dogs included ;)