Monday, January 7, 2013

Coolest Outdoor Shower Room

This is pretty wonderful, isn't it? via


Vicki said...

This is fabulous.
I so would have loved an outdoor shower room like this in the country. Although, the tiger snakes would have loved it too! :)

Susan said...

I would love to have an outdoor shower. I have quite a few pics tucked away for inspiration.

Donna said...

Wonder how that would work in a cold winter? I love the idea of not trooping into the house!

tammy j said...

i laugh at vicki's comment ~ because where i live it would be a magnet for scorpions.
rather scorpions than snakes though!
our rattlers are too shy to come around people areas. but copperheads are not and they love well houses. i can hear it now . . .
mrs copperhead ~ "darling! i've found the most beautiful well house for us!"
only they're extremely poisonous.
so no. good in picture only in this locale... sad to say!