Thursday, January 24, 2013

Amazing Elephant Portrait

What a beautiful animal. I never tire of looking at elephants, and this photograph is my favorite. via


Anonymous said...

Elephants are my favorite animals, too! They have families; they mourn their fallen. I despair about their future! I contribute what I can!

And then i receive the comfort of my dogs!

We do what we can do!!

I adore you delightful blog!

tammy j said...

i too love everything about the elephant. they are simply special. in national geograhic once there was a story of two elephants who had an injured baby. they supported him with their trunks and tusks and literally CARRIED him to a doctor's door in a nearby village. how they knew it was a doctor who was there ~ no one knew.
but they knew he would help.

jean said...

They are certainly gorgeous! What a beautiful photograph. It makes me sad when I hear what is happening to them because of man's greed.