Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Webster, the Pillow Thief

Webster sneaks in my bedroom every chance he gets to put his head on my contour memory foam pillow. He loves it when I don't make up my bed. When I do, he's out of luck because this pillow is at the bottom of the pile. Goodnight from both of us!


tammy j said...

ahh... now you know just what he'd like to have for christmas!
his own memory pillow.

Donna said...

Perhaps Webster needs his own contour pillow from Santa!

Donna said...

Perhaps Webster will get his own contour pillow from Santa!

tammy j said...

three hints from webster's fan club

Vicki said...

Awww Webster.
I think he'd be happy with any pillow, as long as it was one of yours :)

Jack will always seek out a jumper or item of clothing I've left on the bed and snuggle right up to it.