Saturday, December 29, 2012

Webster and Henry Play in the Snow

Actually, Henry was the only one playing. I had him off leash and he was running around like a crazy little dog enjoying the new fallen snow. Now they are both in the house napping after an exhausting romp. Webster is happy about almost a whole week of puppy sitting his friend. Tabitha, not so much. She slept in the attic last night.


Anonymous said...

Poor Tabitha! Sara, Ohio

Grace said...

So cute! My family's dogs love the snow, but my cat doesn't much care for it. It's so amusing to see him step out and shake his paw when he feels the snow.

Lovely blog!

Vicki said...

What a sweet image. I imagine Henry's very happy to be enjoying some yummy, wholesome food.

Dear Tabitha. She's probably content in the attic in her own peace and quiet for a wee while :)

The Queen Vee said...

Westers probably thinking, "I'm getting my exercise by just watching Henry run around." We got just a bit of snow, today we have a cold wind.

tammy j said...

i always love it that you get to
'fatten up' henry when he stays with you! don't you know how much he loves it!
this is a great picture.
poor little tabitha. she'll need an extra hug. "who does that king charles fancy pants intruder think he is anyway?"
tammy j