Monday, December 10, 2012

Sunless Days

This word describes the weather we've been having lately. Tomorrow is supposed to be very cold. I want to finish clipping my boxwood so they will all match. I sort of quit in the middle for some reason. I never put everything back in place after storing things before the hurricane either. I want to replace the tops on the birdbaths because they look nice filled with snow.
Thank you again for helping me with your wonderful words. We all have to deal with letting a loved one go at some point in our lives. My mother and I both knew her time was at hand and she told me she was not afraid. Even though her body was weak, she was strong of spirit up to the end. She was even able to climb into my big car with the running board to go to the nursing home. She walked inside with my help but we didn't get too far before she agreed to ride to her room in a wheel chair.
Because she was a nurse herself she was able to convey her appreciation of any kind care she was given and everyone admired her for that. There aren't many thank yous and hugs given to professional caregivers by the patients these days. My mother didn't forget. She made me proud and I always tried to make her proud too.


Anonymous said...

I will be thinking of you this week, Rosemary --- good luck take it day by day.

Anonymous said...

Toiling about the house will present the gift of right brain activity, internal thought snarls will unravel, fragment arcs will become circles, there is nothing I'd rather do than spend a day about the house, doing just what you're doing today.

I lost a friend over Memorial Day weekend last May, we had a devastating storm come through here that weekend, loss of power, lines down, fierce wind and rain, hospice remained true and reliable to her through it all. As I was seeing to her at her bedside the day before she left us, I had the warmth of Adrienne Rich's "Storm Warnings" running through my mind. The title of your post today brought it to mind again. It's perfection nourished my broken heart on so many levels, do you know the poem?

Amelia Island FL

tammy j said...

you are doing what my beloved gram always did in times of grief. she kept busy. she said it was good for her.
but in the quiet times.
the times it hits you. let webster catch your tears. he will be knowing all is not as it was. he and little tabitha. bless you.
what a year this has been.
tammy j

ann chamberlain said...

What a wonderful life you and your mother have had. I had that with my mother too! It is a rare gift indeed! Many hugs to you Webster and Tabitha through the days ahead.

Stacey Snacks said...

Hope you have some brightness on this brumous day!

The Queen Vee said...

A timely reminder for all of us to be grateful when we receive service from others. A heartfelt thank you is never out of fashion....your mother continues to be an example to us all.

She was and still is proud of you Rosemary.

It's good to have a list of to Do's even on a souful brumous day...thank you for the new word although I'm not sure I'll be able to remember it.

Marilyn said...

I'm thinking of you too. Keeping busy is good and getting things done is better. Having to let one's mother go is the hardest I think, she is our link to the past. Take care of and Webster and Tabitha...hope the sun shines through soon...we have fog here...and much needed rain.

Laura G said...

Rosemary, I so love your blog and look forward to reading it the first thing in my morning at work.
My prayers are for you and your Mom. I too cared for my Mom in her last years. At times it was the hardest thing I did physically and mentall, but I always felt so blessed to be able to do that for her. I would not trade my life with her for all the money in the world. Six years later I still miss her every day of my life. I still wake in the morning thinking she is calling for me. You will find Walter and Tabitha will be a tremendous help to you in the upcoming days. I had my Max, but he, too, is now gone, but I know he and my Mom are together once again. I wish for you comfort in the days ahead. Laura G.

Tara Dillard said...

A blessing you experienced your mom having no fear about 'going up'.


Anonymous said...

dear rosemary
please care for youself.
do you have enough help?
and people to look after you?
i hope so and i hope,that you dont forget that your soul must heal now.
sending you good thoughts
greetings anni

Bonnie said...

Hugs! Bonnie

Anonymous said...

Sara, Ohio

County Line Road said...

Through your posts you have brought much Joy into my and many others lives. I hope our thoughts and prayers can bring you some comfort now. We all feel for your during this difficult time and I for one am glad to see you are still here with us. Fondly, Kim

Vicki said...

brumous - great word. Sombre, grey skies seem to be a theme around on some blogs - including mine.

I thought there was a certain "something" about your beautiful mother. A gentle, caring quality.
A quality you have inherited.
And yes, she would have been very, very proud of you :) xx

Anonymous said...

i very much enjoy stopping by your cottage , it often is a chance for me to daydream for a moment. Having recently lost my own mom, i found that if you can find some of those little moments that take you to another place or time, it can keep you going. That , and a really cute dog! Take care

Anonymous said...

I happened across your blog and just wanted to say thank you for sharing the love you felt for your mother. I lost my mother 5 years ago and miss her a great deal. It's an incredible love between and child and her mother, it's difficult to explain to someone who doesn't have that same bond. Thank you again for sharing. God Bless.