Saturday, November 17, 2012

Webster was a good house sitter.

But he's so glad we are back. Being home alone was no fun and a huge responsibility. He is trying to understand what happened but can't quite grasp the hospital situation. Anyway, Webster is glad we are returning to normal and he can go back to being a pet instead of a security guard. 


Sue said...

I don't think Webster is cut out for the security business--unless it's possible to love someone to death-LOL!

Gail, in northern California said...

Wouldn't it be lovely if we could explain our absences from time to time? They seem to take it so personal ("Was it something I said?")

By the way, Rosemary, northern California is finally receiving its much-needed rain. Lovely to see our water reservoir lakes filling.

tammy j said...

you can see it all written in that little face! he was very worried.
he has the most expressive eyes.
poor baby. i'm so glad this had a happy ending. two cherished beings in your home. and tabitha.
and you of course!
four cherished beings in that small cottage.
happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

Oh Webster! If Ohio was closer to your lovely cottage we would have gladly had a visitor. Enjoy your weekend, Sara

friendandfaux said...

Webster is the BEST.

Linda in AZ * said...

*** I SOOOO AGREE with SUE and GAIL (above)!!! And I ADORE your precocious WEBSTER... ALWAYS!!!

Our German Shorthaired Pointer pup, Marnie, figured out how to get in (or out!) simply when she just "FEELS" like it, WITHOUT "telling" us... She simply jumps up several times & HANGS onto the long door handle, til the door opens!!! She had my Jim and I almost in TEARS laughing so much yesterday... she's SOOOO S*M*A*R*T & keeps us "going"~~~ what a CHARACTER... hmmm... any relationship to WEBSTER??? Grins!!!!!!

Can't imagine life WITHOUT these wonderful sweeties!!!

HUGS (and "licks" from "my girls"!) to your sweet Mama (and of course, to Webster too)!!!

Linda in AZ *

penelopebianchi said...

I don't think you have any idea how many millions......of fingers were crossed for you and your mother and Webster!

I really don't! But maybe you are better at reading those "analytics" posts than I am!

Webster must have been you and your mother were!
We are so happy things are returning to normal.

so many tragic tales of houses having to be demolished...

Everyone for the past 30 years have been complaining bitterly about our "Coastal Commission" out here in California........well....

I doubt it will happen with most people; but I personally want to get down on my knees and thank them for protecting people from building on land that is unsafe.

They will come out smelling like a rose, I think; in the wake of this horrendous disaster on your coast.

I have always thought (as many people vilified and criticized them for "taking away private property rights) that they are heroes! They simply did not allow building on unsafe places on our coast.

Honestly...I am predicting that they will emerge as heros in the next months,

My heart goes out to the people who have lost their homes and possessions........I hope most were able to save their pets!

It comes as a surprise to many. We have seen the desecration of the marshes, which were a big protection for the island.......)

Developers have not been stopped; and this awful occurrence is devastating!

My heart goes out to all.


Awden said...

What an absolutely GORGEOUS boy!! Such a face!!

My twins know exactly what he's been through. They "guard" their grandma even more now after her "adventures" this fall with lupus. After she came out of the hospital the second time, they wouldn't allow us to even think of getting grandma into the car again. It's so tough to explain it to them, but what wonderful devotion they offer us for the vast sum of all the cuddles and cookies they can beg off of us. Thanks for letting all of us know what superb guardians your mother has!

The Queen Vee said...

Webster you are such a handsome brave reliable stalwart fellow and I know happy to have the women in your life back where they belong.