Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tree Has Been Removed from My Cottage

Click photo to view actual size.
This tree came down on the cottage guided by heavenly angels. Only a few scratched shingles. No broken screens or light fixtures. I found some roving tree men from New Mexico who helped me clear my property. They were earth angels. 


Gail, in northern California said...

So happy to hear everyone is fine and that your lovely cottage did not suffer any major damage.

We are such creatures of habit. Every day I would check your site, and every day when there was no change, I grew more and more concerned.

Be well. Your mom and Mr. Webster are counting on you. Prayers that there are no more power failures and all of you can begin to thaw.

tammy j said...

i'm like gail.
i did two things each day for sure. . .
check rosemary's blog and then check the temperature in chatham new jersey. my concern for you four with no electricity was growing. even with a fireplace it can be cold at night.
so glad it's beginning to come around right!
you've been MISSED!!!

ladyhawthorne said...

When Katrina came through there were some Amish men that traveled to help clear trees, they helped my parents. Good people come out when tragedy hits.

Lee said...

Good to see you back. I was becoming concerned as I know many of your other readers were also.

Anonymous said...

We are all happy that you are safe and warm.

It is so sad there is more "weather" coming. I will try to send some sun from California. We need rain! Yikes!
Good luck!!