Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Definition of Home

I hope everyone gets their querencia back soon. We've all been feeling displaced lately here on the east coast. I am one of the fortunate ones and my heart breaks for those who suffered the most. I think we will all have to adjust to a new normal. via


Gail, in northern California said...

You've been hit with two many things all at once...the hurricane, loss of power, debris cleanup, and a snowstorm. Any ONE of those you can handle but not all at once! You've handled them admirably but you're exhausted so take care.

cynthia at said...

That is a GREAT word! I agree, I do hope everyone gets their Querencia back soon. We are back to normal here in Rhode Island but my family and friends on Long Island are not.

tammy j said...

you're a true dynamo!
but even dynamos have their limits.
you must be exhausted.
maybe without even realizing it.
and i was concerned about your mom.

i always learn something here!
i love your blog.
i'm glad you're posting again.
all's right with my world. lol.

The Queen Vee said...

We take so much for granted don't we! ?

I can only imagine the fatigue you have been experiencing both emotionally and physically. You are so capable Rosemary but the past two storms to hit the Northeast have tested everyone and still with so much not resolved. Do pace yourself and renew your strength, you're only human although you seem like Super Woman to your followers.

My friend on Long Island says it could be many more weeks before they get their power back. I know she feels they've been forgotten.