Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Softly Falling Snow This Morning

I have to go out in this wet snow in a couple of hours but am not worried. The roads are still black. I am feeling good this morning because I had a restful night and feel rather refreshed. I can't thank you enough for your words of encouragement. Who knew a blog could become a support group? I have the best followers in the world and even though we haven't met I know you are out there thinking of me. It helps to know others have been in similar situations and have such great suggestions on how to cope and become a good caregiver. xo, Rosemary


betsy said...

I love snow in small doses. Unfortunately, in Nashville, even a flake causes panic!

Anonymous said...

Clearly you ARE an excellent caregiver, Rosemary.

I am happy your first snow isn't the threatening sort. Wishing you and Anna best of luck with your appointment today.


tammy j said...

i love the unique way you took that picture!
i feel like i just had a cup of coffee with you in the cottage and now i'm putting on my coat and leaving.
"oh! it's snowing rosemary!"
it smells so fresh!
be careful out there on the roads while they're still black! xo

Dewena Callis said...

I agree with my fellow Nashville commenter above. I hope yours remains light and beautiful and safe to drive about in for your business. I'm glad you are a little more rested today. Please do try to seek out all help for caregivers you can find. And thank you for the beautiful posts here, and pics of Webster! He must be such a dear.

Millie said...

You are doing a stellar job Rosemary, tending to all your dear Mum's needs. But do remember that someone needs to take care of the carer, so reach out to your extended family & close friends as often as you need to.
Millie xx