Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Home for the Holiday

Will you spend Thanksgiving at home or will you travel to be with family and friends? Enjoy the day and be safe on the road.


Anonymous said...

We shall be at home with children and 2 grands joining us for a late (7:30 p.m.) feast - our son works for a local PBS affiliate and in his world first "the show must go on." The anticipation is fun and soon after we fall asleep on our sides.
Happy day to you and Anna and Webster and Tabitha.

Gail, in northern California said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, your mom, Mr. Webster, and Tabitha. All of you I'm sure are delighted to be home enjoying the warmth of the hearth and some great comfort food.

Juniper said...

My better half and I are splitting the day between his family and mine! Going to be a fun filled and lovely Day... always look forward to these special times <3

I wish you, your Mum, Webster and you and yours a Wonderful Thanksgiving... You are such a blessing to us all Rosemary!


Garden, Home and Party said...

We're off to our son #2 and his fiance's house. It's nice to only be asked to bring a couple of things, first time in years. :-)