Monday, November 19, 2012

Beautiful Pumpkin Dessert

You know you want this on your Thanksgiving dessert table! The recipe is in Polish but Google Translate did a great job of converting it to English. Not sure what this means though: "Not breaking hammer mix one egg and mix until combined." It's called Pumpkin Pie with Cream but it looks more like a cake to me. Anyway, it's nice to see what people in other countries cook that would be great for our American Holiday.
Recipe: Kitchen Love Story


Dewena Callis said...

Pretty pie (that looks like a cake!). Are you going to attempt it? Will Webster get a sliver of turkey? It's so hard not to when they look at you so sadly. Happy Thanksgiving!

Garden, Home and Party said...

Yes, please. It almost looks like cheesecake to me. I can hardly wait for the food fest Thursday.