Friday, October 12, 2012

Bobtail Sheep Dog Hiding in Plain Sight

This made me laugh. I love the expression on the dog's face and the sheep appear to really be fooled, don't they. via


Jody and Stan said...

Such a cute photo! The sheep have no idea.

Garden, Home and Party said...

The dog looks so innocent and the sheep so clueless, although maybe they're all fast friends. The perfect image to start the morning, thank you.

tammy j said...

i LOVE this.
it made me laugh literally out loud.
my zeke looked like that when he needed a hair cut! only he was a lot smaller.
so adorable.
you made my day rosemary.
when the little neighbor dacshund would come over, zeke would "herd"
him around the yard!
it was in his genes i guess!
and if there's no sheep . . .
well . . . you work with what you got! lol.

Vicki said...

He's saying, "I've got a tale to tell".

That's a shaggy dog story :)