Friday, September 7, 2012

JOCKUM NORDSTRÖM in his studio


I'm always interested in seeing any successful artist's studio/workshop. I love the art table in this one. Look at it closely -- I think this could become a DIY project. Photos from here. More information about Swedish artist Jockum Nordström here. I think he needs a few more horizontal surfaces, don't you?


humbird said...

The artist in me is always, always keen to view other artist's studios. A small, voyeuristic journey into the world (and sometimes mind) of the creator within those spaces.

I like his work strewn on the floor. Sometimes, when working large, one can get a better perspective from above. Especially when working with many layers that need to be placed (and replaced) with consideration, as seen here.

There is a fascinating amalgam of images and mediums in his artwork.

And, that is indeed a fabulous table. Cleverly designed to tilt or lay flat. Great storage at hand just below and wonderful work area above.

I would need more shelving if it were my studio - so many supplies and so many pieces in varying stages on the way to completion. :)

Content in a Cottage said...


I enjoyed being a voyeur in this artist's workshop too. It's always fascinating to see behind the scenes.

xo, Rosemary