Saturday, July 28, 2012

Portrait of the Racehorse Sedbury with a Groom

Painted by James Seymour (1702-1752) All eyes are on the sporting events in London for the next couple of weeks. Will you be watching? History of this wonderful painting here.


the dogs mother said...

Will be watching and annoying the children with 'we were there!' and 'there too!'

tammy j said...

my favorite city in the world!
i won't be watching every bit of it but i do have favorite events.
i thought the opening ceremonies were wonderful. a bit eccentric... just like england! i love it.
there was something for all ages.
and such beautiful young people...
all those athletes from all the countries. meeting in peace to compete.
i always tear up. can't help it.
ok. must shut up now.
tammy j