Saturday, July 14, 2012

Porchside Weekend

I wonder if these people wish they had made the porch a tiny bit wider? What a pain it would be to have to move so people could scooch by when you were all in a movie theater. I'm not complaining though. I would just dash for the last seat instead of the first one. via


ladyhawthorne said...

Probably designed by the same man that has bathroom stall doors open inward.

Gail, in northern California said...

Or the same guy who installed a drink refrigerator right next to the narrow checkout line at the grocery store. Latch is on the right so the customer has to reach over the top of the door. That is, if they can squeeze in between shopping cart customers.

laney said...

...probably a small extra side porch...and the big porch is around the corner on the any event...i would be happy sitting on either...blessings laney

Garden, Home and Party said...

Narrow or not, what a view. I love this porch, and it's view.

Anonymous said...

I'll take it! Better than the view from my porch.
Oh wait, I don't have a view...or a porch. :)


-amy said...

We had a narrow porch (maybe two feet wider than the pic), and it was impossible for conversation. The front porch was never used - it was much easier to sit on the stairs. For a longer visit, we'd use the back deck.

It's definitely a spot designed for solitude. It's funny that the best looking houses often have difficult and underutilized spaces.