Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Rainy Day

Here it is by popular demand -- a photo of today's rainy day. It has slacked up quite a bit but it's still coming down very softly. I must tell you that the only plants on the property that have actually thrived through my neglect during the long hot spell are the geraniums. They can withstand almost anything except extreme cold. They don't mind drought and heat at all. They might lose leaves and look to be on the brink of death but one drink of water brings them right back. I think they are the only plants I will even consider next year. They overwinter in the house very nicely too. Hooray for geraniums! The hummingbirds love the red ones.
my iPhone photo


Linda said...

I totally agree....
Geraniums Rock!!!!

Linda :o)

tammy j said...

thank you rosemary!
i am dream-sitting right out there in the pouring rain. i love your balcony. everything about it.
the view. the furniture.
the geraniums. the rain for sure.
so beautiful.
makes me feel better just looking at it. keep your fingers crossed...
it's cloudy here and might sprinkle by 4pm!! yay!
if it doesn't... i will go into a deep depression that will only be cured by possibly seeing a picture of webster. just say'in...
and yes. drama is my middle name.

Bonnie said...

Oh thank you! I am so glad I didn't miss it. I love geraniums as well. I have two doing really well and one left from last year doing so-so. Enjoy your day. Bonnie

parfums said...

So beautiful post and lovely pic. love it