Thursday, July 12, 2012

Garage Addition w/ Breezeway, Balcony and Terrace

It's lovely, isn't it? So elegantly simple and in such good taste! See the rest of the 1930s center hall colonial via Atelier and Co.


tammy j said...

i am so fickle.
i am also a minimalist.
i always love the cozy full blown looks of say... the "terrace" on a former post. but i don't know how long i could actually "live" with that.
this 'terrace' is true to my heart.
i will always go the way of
elegant simplicity.
and this is it!!!
now if i could just borrow a few dollars...
lol. with hugs,
tammy j

Perfectly At Home, New England. said...

What an elegant way to add a useful addition! No one wants to walk to a separate garage on a rainy or snowy day, so what a perfect solution! Beautiful!


Under the Willow said...

Yes! I love the fresh "clean" look of this.

As always, love visiting your site- such wonderful pictures, and sites.

Millie said...

You summed this up perfectly Rosemary -'elegantly simple' & it really is!
Millie xx