Friday, July 20, 2012

Clover Blossom

Here is a captured clover blossom I photographed and processed with MarbleCam. That was before all of my clover dried up from the heat. We are having some rain and I'm hoping everything will spring back so the birds and the bees can get some nectar. Luckily my area escaped all of the fierce storms and all of our rain has been soft and soaking - just what the earth is crying out for. Happy Friday. See you later.

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tammy j said...

oh i wish you could send that rain our way.
i heard an esteemed scientist on npr this morning say that the weather pattern we're seeing where i live is very likely to become the norm. two straight years of extreme drought. the big trees are even now becoming stressed. 108 today. heat indexes of 115.
i come to your blog like one comes to an oasis in the desert!!!
yes. not to be dramatic. but it does refresh my soul like rain!
happy weekend coming up,
tammy j