Wednesday, July 18, 2012

25 Things An Empty Nester Learned From Opening a Used Bookstore

25 Things An Empty Nester Learned After Opening a Used Bookstore

Please promise me you will click on the link above and read this interesting list and a little bio of the author. You will love it if you've ever dreamed about opening a bookstore! image from here.


Bonnie said...

Love the picture and the list. Everything on the list is so very true.

tammy j said...

i have a whole new slant on used bookstores now. lol.
i have actually never read a romance novel. i take that back. i think i got three pages into one once and couldn't get further. it amazes me that it's a gazillion dollar industry. at work the women actually had a romance book exchange!
oh well. now jane austen... yes!!!

Regina said...

loved it, I go to the used book store here in town and now I will probably be thinking (laughing) about these 25 things. great picture to.