Saturday, June 30, 2012

Deformed Sheep Gets Custom Wheel Chair

NEW FLEECE OF LIFE...Buster can now spend time in the fields with the rest of the flock at Clough Farm Animal Sanctuary in Stockport UK. Vets recommended that he be put down as a deformed leg meant he could barely walk but volunteers at the sanctuary were determined to find another solution. Instead they raised enough money to give Buster his own custom-made wheelchair. Now isn't that a great story to start your weekend? I'm so happy for this beautiful animal!


Anonymous said...

Buster is mighty cute. Glad he got assistance and a new fleece on life.

tammy j said...

makes me happy.
makes my heart feel good.
a little life saved to enjoy life itself. good people there.

Bonnie said...

This makes my heart happy! Thanks, Bonnie

Juniper said...

oh man, I LOVE this kind of thing! What wonderful people to look after this little one so well! :)