Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fritillary Meadow ~ Cricklade, Wiltshire UK

Teleport me there ~ NOW! I have been advised that these are not tulips at all but snake head fritillaries. The dark ones actually have checkered skirts. via

Snake Head Fritillary photo ©Macs Cream of the Crop

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Angie Lawrence said...

Hello Rosemary!

Greetings from the Isle of Man (in the middle of the Irish Sea twixt Ireland and the UK)

Have been meaning to say for some time how much I enjoy your blog. It is the first thing I open up in the morning as your beautiful photos (especially house interiors set me up for the day)

Today I particularly liked the flowery field in Wiltshire - although I have to tell you they are NOT tulips but Snakes Head Fritillaries! These are one of my favourite flowers (love their little checkered skirts) and I have been trying to grow them in my lawn for EVER. This year I had TWO (count them!) TWO so I guess I have a way to go! :-D

Thanks again for a fun blog!

Warm regards