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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Beatrix Potter Mouse House in The Spring

Beatrix Potter. Don't you just love her illustrations? I don't care for mice in person ... just in storybooks. My violets are running wild all over the lawn and the scale in this artwork is just about perfect for a well-dressed mouse woman locking up her tree house to go shopping. Have a wonderful spring day. I hope I will see a house half this wonderful on realtor house tours today but I doubt that I will :) via


billie said...

I love Beatrix Potter. Used to read her to my children so I could look at the pictures again. Thanks for being such a nice addition to my mornings.

tammy j said...

i too adore beatrix potter.
just enchanting.
eccentric or not... i pretty much live my life with these images in my head and heart. it makes life cosier somehow.
time for tea?
tammy j

Bonnie said...

Well, you know I am crazy about Beatrix Potter. Bonnie

Juniper said...

Oh this is such a delight! And exactly the inspiration I needed today. I babysat my nephew and he loves Beatrix Potter!

Karen said...

Beatrix Potter anything is charming. I love her illustrations and her story is so compelling. So sweet.

wassail said...

I am terribly sorry to tell you this, but this illustration is definately NOT by Beatrix Potter, but by Racey Helps, an English gentleman childrens illustrator. I have been a deltiologist of childrens postcards for over 50 yrs (among other subjects and this id definately his work. I also live about 4 miles from Beatrix's Home where she wrote all her books and often walk past her house. This is not referenced as her work neither. Her work is much more delicate and finer. Her mice are totally different easily recognisable as indeed are those of Racey Helps Molly Brett, or any of these much later artists. So-orr-y!