Friday, March 9, 2012

Working Shoes

I was quite happy yesterday working in the field at a septic inspection. I find that if I wear my contractor clothes I get a much better job from the hired workers. I'm happiest in this kind of clothing too. You have to wear many hats shoes in this life and thankfully I am experienced in almost all aspects of home building and maintenance. My weakness is housework. This photo is my actual foot at the end of the day yesterday. It's too much trouble to take them off each time I walk in the door so I leave little clods of mud all over the house. I am my own worst enemy :>)


Teri said...

Isn't that aggravating and sad that certain workers don't do their best job unless they think/know that they are being watched with a knowledgable eye? That's why my Dad always wants to come down when I'm having work done 'cause he knows what to look for.

Karen said...

Those not only look like they'd be good for muddy jobs, they also look like they would keep your feet warm if it was really cold.
I wish we could get into the habit of taking our shoes off when we enter the house...I believe our floors would be slightly cleaner...but the dogs don't take off their shoes so I guess we're all guilty of tracking dirt. :-)
Have a great weekend.

Stacey Snacks said...

Henry is not allowed in the house with his workboots on! Manolo Blahnik eat your heart out!

Jen said...

Great boots! I have a weakness for work boots.