Thursday, March 15, 2012

Crate Bedroom

I would have loved this idea for my dorm room in college. Do you collect old crates? Now you know what you can do with them. Designed by Allesandro Capellaro See slideshow here featuring more of this loft in Florence with crates in every room.
I'm looking forward to going to bed early and watching come quality TV in bed really soon. My TV has been on the blink for a couple of weeks and I've been watching full episodes on the computer. That's been fun too. My power source cord (with a brick in the middle) was the problem so the repair bill was only $50.00 for a new one including the diagnostic and I was absolutely thrilled. I took iPhone photos of all of the cords and connections in the back and labeled a few with colored tape. It wasn't too bad putting everything back together again.


Karen said...

It reminds me of my first apartment when I made a phone stand out of an orange crate. I actually wish I still had it, it was very cute and someone had helped me put a shelf in had the old printing on the side indicating the company that packed and shipped citrus from California. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane---have a wonderful weekend and St. Patrick's Day.

helene said...

Glad your tv got repaired on the cheap! Sounds like you had a peaceful evening.