Monday, March 19, 2012

Beautiful Spring Day at My Cottage

Webster was off looking for snakes when I snapped this photo with my new iPad. It's very awkward I must say and slippery too. I can't imagine taking this anywhere except around my own property as a camera. If you are lucky enough to have a beautiful cutting garden or lots of interesting things to photograph around your own home you are in fat city. Otherwise, it's much easier to use your iPhone. It slips into your pocket and doesn't have to be babysat. The new iPad is capable of capturing great pictures though.


pilgrimscottage said...

That's a very nice scene taken with your iPad. Your right about a camera. I have so many photos to take for my posts, a heavier camera has to work for me and it does need babysitting!

Anonymous said...

I know I LOVE my iPad. I can actually take a picture with this. It is awkward though.

tammy j said...

does he find them?
you take fantastic pictures.
ipad... fancy camera... it matters not... i'm think'in it's the creativity and skill of the photographer... and you've got it!
tammy j