Sunday, February 19, 2012

Great Place for A Fireside Chat

As seen in a remodeled circa 1908 home nearby. I'm so glad they kept this cozy nook with a fireplace in the living room. What a great place for guests to sit and warm up upon arrival on a winter visit just the way they did when this home was built before central heating was perfected.


MK said...

Looks so inviting! And is that a hint of inlay in the floor?

tammy j said...

warning!!! gush alert.
i have been a long time follower of your blog. do not ask me why i've never bothered to comment before. i have no answer other than i keep going through it like one peels an onion... from this post to that one, then on and on. i become enchanted and mesmerized.
and i am over-the-top in love with webster. and i love the way he is a person to you. dogs have been the best people i know for the better part of my life!
i smile every time i see him.
your photography and choice of posts are exquisite. it's like having a delicious lunch and being able to eat everything at your leisure. (and no calories!)
i have gushed long enough i guess.
i'll try to hold it down a bit from now on. but i can't promise!
love and happy admiration,
tammy j
you had me from the beginning with the title of your site.
i am a very contented person who lives in a little cosy cottage myself. i'm a bit of a minimalist though. i like texture and color and sunlight and little pools of lamplight in the evening. very simple. yes. contentment. nice.
thank you for the hard work that i know keeping a blog must be.
it's appreciated!

YONKS said...

That is sublime!

Jen said...

Such a sweet nook. I would set it up as a comfortable place to read, and I'd be there all winter.

Karen said...

What a perfectly charming and practical nook.

Unknown said...

W o w. I'll light the fire while you make the tea, Rosemary!

Anonymous said...

I always loved the "inglenook" in the living room at the Inn in west Falmouth where my husband and I stayed a number of years ago. This photo made me think of it instantly. Thank you. Best, Judy