Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Will You Cut Your Own Tree?

I used to have a grove of Christmas trees like this that I planted from seedlings. I let friends cut their own and certain plantsmen dug and replanted them. It was a great way to farm the land at my former home. This will be my 4th or 5th year with an artificial tabletop tree. I'll show it to you when I put it up. via


Jenny Jones said...

Beautiful photo!

I've never had a live tree, though, not even as a child. I, too, have artificial table-top trees. Less craziness from the cat. But I have about ten of them all over the house, in different themes. I even have one that is pink sequins and another that is deep red feathers.

Priscilla said...

Not this year, in fact this year I'm not going to have a tree at all. My daughter has her first American flat and so her sister and I are going to have Christmas there. We have cut our own in the past. Such a lovely thing to do. Living in the Northwest, fir trees are all around us.
I did visit the produce stand that sells fresh trees near me and got some branches. Now, at least, it smells Christmassy here.

Kernal Ken said...

In the past we have had some cut trees. The best Christmas trees ever to me were the ones of my youth and the ones we had while living in Germany (home of the original Christmas Tree). I confess I've succumbed to a fake tree now, especially helpful this year as I put it up the day after Thanksgiving but I really miss the smell or fresh pine inside the house. The last time we cut a tree it barely lasted till Christmas. I always put fresh greenery on our door, this year a lush wreath and a swag all around the door.