Monday, December 19, 2011

Do you hang your stockings or put out your shoes for Santa?

Santa Claus was there to collect the Gift of the white fur slippers (Ikea) and to fill the red felt embroidered slippers (Voss Mountain). He has brought the family apples, nuts, pastries and marzipan. This 80 cm long cloth reindeer is at the front door and bravely keeps out drafts -- from (Gerda Hüsch). via 19 Great DIY Decorating Ideas for Advent with a Red and White Scandinavian Flair You'll have to ask Google to translate from German to your native language. My favorite thing is the reindeer draft dodger for the door. What a great idea...decorative and useful. My plain ones are all in place and they make such a big difference when it's cold outside as it is now. I just walked the two beasts and the ground is frozen solid. I'm steaming their sweet potato right now. See you later. xo


The Queen Vee said...

I don't do either anymore. Actually I do have a wonderful pair of white cotton hand knitted stockings that I purchased at a German flea market. They hang on our mantel each Christmas but Santa won't fill them. When our children were at home they would put their shoes out on the 5th of December when St Nick would come and leave them twigs and a treat. It's a tradition that we picked up while living in Germany. Most of them have continued this tradition with their own children. Your posted picture brings back many warm memories of Christmases spent abroad.

Karen said...

I love the idea of shoes (especially boiled wool or felt) over stockings but we do hang stockings.