Sunday, October 23, 2011

My New Blog Header

Do you like my new header? Only a few people have noticed it. I'm very happy that I finally took the time to work on it to make it smaller and cleaner. I also finally learned how to center it perfectly. The final step only took me three years+ (haha). 


ladyhawthorne said...

I noticed it and really like it. Mainly I read at work on lunchbreak and don't take time to leave comments, though.

Bonnie said...

Three years? That means there is hope for me.... When did you change it?

mytwocentsworth said...

New header is very nice--at this point I can't tell how it differs from the previous one--but I don't see Webster in the picture, and shouldn't the person in the chair be in a skirt so we will know it's you?

Anonymous said...

A good example of less is more.
I'm with Bonnie maybe there is hope for me too....but I doubt it.


Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Very nice, Rosemary!

Anonymous said...

i like it very much.
did you do the artwork?
how did you get it to center?

Karen said...

I like it and have always wondered if there is a story behind the graphic.
I'm also impressed you did it yourself. My blog is on Wordpress and I can't even get the pictures to post the way I'd like. Even after reading Wordpress for Dummies! Oh well.
Happy Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Neatly done. You have a beautiful blog. It is bookmarked on my computer and I check in every day to see what beauty you are sharing.

I use a system (it's new) called HotWax for my yoga studio website. It allows me to change and redesign and update in minutes. I have found it much, much more forgiving that Wordpress - giving me more time to teach calming yoga. :-)

Elizabeth said...

I am laughing out loud at the comments who say there is hope for me, I feel the same way, do you have any tips for us newbies? Blogger hates me and will not allow me to add a photo or image to my header. Also, can I ask, how do you get your photos on the sidebar? I have been unable to accomplish that too!

Thank you for any and all advice, Elizabeth

P.S Love the photo of Webster in BED! So cute

Vickie H. said...

Very very sorry I didn't notice your hard work. Clearly you rose to the challenge and finally achieved the look you wanted.