Monday, September 19, 2011

Cat Lookout

Don't you love little windows that were put there strictly for animals? And they always manage to find them too. I'm looking forward to the beginning of the fall TV season with some new shows and some old favorites. I should be in my pajamas any minute now after another day filled with lots of manual labor. Progress was made so I'm happy. See you tomorrow. via


Karen said...

You're right, animals seem to have an instinct about using conveniences made just for them!
I think our DVR recorder will be overused this first month or so of new shows and returning favorites. Seems like this could be a good fall season (although I optimistically think that every September) :-)

Bonnie said...

The window is fabulous. Enjoy your evening. I'm curled up with an interesting book.

tyziana said...

In another life I want to be queen, I've always said! To stay at a window and see me the world and life go ahead with the laziness of cats .... Miaou! =^..^=