Thursday, June 9, 2011

Severe Storm Watch

A storm is on the way. The weather report says there is a severe storm watch until tonight at 10pm. Webster and I just got back from an after-dinner walk and the trees are really swaying in the wind. There is a free concert in Central Park with the Black Eyed Peas that has been postponed until it blows over. I don't expect anything like the photo above by photographer Dmytro Zaverukha. It's already much cooler and for that I'm thankful. Batten down the hatches and be safe if you are expecting bad weather too.


Betsy said...

I pray that it is not a serious storm and that everything will be just fine where you are.
Will check in tomorrow.

Bonnie said...

Be safe!

PamDesigns said...

Looking at that picture and the soundtrack of The Wizard of Oz begins playing in my mind --you know the music where the house is spinning around and Dorothy peers out the window and sees the witch ride by on he bike with Toto in her basket.

Then I thought of The Black Eyed Peas --suddenly start looking like the characters in the movie. Then it occurs to me: Will I Am already looks a lot like Tin Man these days.

OK... I'm done rambling on... Stay safe friend.

Anonymous said...

Awesome picture. Hope all was well.