Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mark Twain Forever

The United States Postal Service has released their new Mark Twain stamp. It lasts 'forever' so you needn't worry about a price increase for this first class stamp. I love it and think I'll buy a sheet even though I don't use many stamps these days thanks to online bill pay.

You will enjoy seeing the other authors that have been honored around the world with their images on commemorative stamps in this article: Mark Twain and Beyond: Literary Stamp Collecting

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mytwocentsworth said...

Although most, if not all, US stamps are now "Forever" stamps, I love to use the Commemorative US Stamps for anything I might be mailing, particularly if mail is going outside the USA. Never know when the recipient or someone in that country might like to add one of our stamps to their collection. I was very surprised several years ago to find out that my closest friend (who lives in a different state) had saved the Commemorative Stamps from my mail to her for many years. The collection was huge, and when viewed together, they are beautiful. That's mainly why I like to use them. One of these days when the US Mail is defunct, we'll miss them very much.