Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Magic Shelves

I've dealt with a number of tile men in the past and I know these shelves were added after the tile was in place. But how? Invisible brackets drilled into the tile? What do they look like? I really want to know because I love this look and the old chalkware chickens too.*


friendandfaux said...

in a brick wall, have drilled through brick with diamond bit then into the studs behind.....drilled into the back edge of the shelf and used steel rods to achieve the look of a cantilevered shelf

scarlettm said...

Just saw some on a television show over the weekend - they have internal hollow areas into which the support brackets go.

LANA said...

Ikea makes shelves like that. Some sort of anchor is drilled into the wall and the shelf slides on and over it towards the wall (the inside of the shelf is hollow). I love white tiles and I love open shelves in a kitchen. Hope your open houses and meetings went well. It must be difficult in this economy. Lana

kana/ga said...

Those shelves are in the kitchen of "The Polished Peeble". Maybe she could answer your question. She just sold that house. Search Sold under her site and take a look. Breathtaking!!