Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kitchen w/ No Hanging Cabinets | Love

Really nice kitchen. Agreed?


Dawna said...

Agreed!! What a nice kitchen...we just finished our kitchen remodel,,,,I must get pics posted!!

Anonymous said...

In my century farmhouse I put in custom cabinets for the sink area with maple counters with butternut back splash. There were no hanging cupboards. I had a English antique scrubbed pine hutch and sideboard for storage. Everyone always said how much they loved it. When we put the house on the market the first thing people complained about was there weren't any upper cabinets. Oh brother. I still love that look!


Karen said...

I love that kitchen. Wish I had that much space!
Happy Sunday,

Millie said...

That's it - I've now created a specific folder named Rosemary's Gorgeous Kitchens in My Pictures.
Millie x

Travertine Tile said...

I love it! It looks very sleek and neat! My Mum would definitely love this concept. I'd share the page to everybody! Thanks for this great inspiration!

Kitchen Benchtops said...

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