Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hedgehog in A Wooden Bucket

I think Beatrix Potter is responsible for my love of hedgehogs so how could I possibly resist posting this adorable photo?


Karen said...

Me too. I hauled a concrete hedgehog from Campden Passage in the Cottswolds to Orange County, California...all the Beatrix Potter creatures have won my heart.

Bonnie said...

Check out Jan Brett. She, too, loves hedgehogs.

ann chamberlain said...

Beatrix Potter was such a wonderful part of childhood. Who could possibly resist Mrs Tiggywinkle. We had friends that had a wall with a little door I was sure she lived in there. Your blogs are so delightful,

betsy said...

so adorable!! what a day-maker photo. makes me miss the fall leaves and think about the magic of beatrix potter in my childhood. thanks for this post! beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Great expression I have learned just now and just here!

A "day-maker" photo YEA and YES!!!!!