Saturday, June 18, 2011


Cornhenge: A strange field of 109 eight foot tall concrete ears of corn -- a quirky and eccentric roadside American landmark in Ohio. I hope there is a corn stand nearby in the summer months. Have you driven past it? Read more about the history via Life at Willow Manor.


Anonymous said...

What do you suppose farmer Frank might think of his land now yielding giant concrete ears of corn! Perhaps, those who knew him best, made the right choice. I would like to think that Frank had a grand sense of humor.
Bought corn at the market this morning. A nod to Frank.

Penny Wolf said...

I am thrilled to see this! I live an hour away and did not know about CORNHENGE. I am going to seek this out! It tickles me to see it. My area has a building shaped like a huge picnic basket, a LONGABERGER picnic basket to be exact.