Friday, June 17, 2011

Cargotecture Architecture | Recycled Shipping Containers

You have to read this article if you find this cottage made from shipping containers as attractive as I do. The cost was $59,500. You could really seal it up tight when you were away. This would be the perfect vacation home for me. The interior is stunning.

Cargotecture by HyBrid Architecture: The term cargotecture is used to describe any structure built partially or entirely from recycled cargo containers. The c-series consists of five models ranging in price from $29,500 to $189,500. The home featured at the Sunset show was the c192 nomad which costs $59,500.


pilgrimscottage said...

How interesting! The locals on our island use these for homes and shops. They do it themselves and it's quite a bit cheaper that way.

Lauren Scheuer said...

Woah. It's all I need.

Millie said...

Son #4 lived in a shipping container in a mining camp in the Outback for years. They are known by that wonderful Aussie colloquialism as 'Dongas'. This beauty is no Donga, believe me!
Millie x