Saturday, May 28, 2011

Out of Africa

I wish I knew the history behind this amazing photograph. via


Anonymous said...

Rosemary, where ever do you find photographs like this and the one you posted yesterday of the person jumping off the building into the water. They delight and surprise. Thank you for sharing.
Happy day . . . I am off to the garden to pull a few weeds and move a few plants around. All are sweet and wet after yet anohter thunder storm last evening.

Tina Eudora said...

I am a huge fan of black and white photography and that one is indeed very unique and thought provoking!
Hope you are enjoying a great weekend and give my best to Webster...
Tina xo

Karen said...

Water for Elephants...:-) What a great image. You do find some of the best images!
Hope you are planning a wonderful, relaxing Memorial Day weekend.