Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nancy LaMott: I'll Be Here With You

How is it that I never knew about this song or this departed singer who was still performing 11 days before her death? This is the most beautiful song; a real lullaby for a person of any age. Did you already know about her? If not you may want to read about Nancy LaMott here.


Penny Wolf said...

Rosemary I do not know how you find so much off of the beaten
path beauty. I am so glad that you do and then share it. I check your blog FIRST everyday because it is always positive and pleasant.Thank you hardly seems like a fair trade.

Susan said...

I thank you, also, for sharing.
This story is so bittersweet. Such a beautiful voice.

friendandfaux said...

Thank you again!
I live less than 100 miles from MIdland, MI. And I never knew or heard this voice until your post.
What an amazing voice what an amazing song
THANK YOU for sharing it

Jeff said...

Unfortunately, I learned about Nancy LaMott after her death. She has a beautiful voice and I have several of her "albums." I was interested to learn about her relationship with the Clinton's.

The Queen Vee said...

My fourth try to leave a comment today. There is something going on with google and blogger.

I agree with all of the above comments. A bit of cop out on my part but I'm too lazy to re-type what I had written. They all said it better anyway.

Thanks Rosemary for sharing this talent and story.