Friday, May 27, 2011

Folk Art Painting | Child with American Flag

Don't forget to display the American Flag this weekend.


Clear Crick Cottage said...

OHHH I'm finally catching up with you again Rosemary- Hi! I feel like I'm "home" everytime I come visit you... thanks so much for the wonderful hospitality. I "ooo and ahhh" all through your wonderful photos... and am going to send a hug here for the link up to the British museaum of art - pure delight! I loved each of your entries here...and need to say, I love those two hanging swings - and figured out how they are not too close - if two people face each other, they can put their feet up on the other's swing! hehe. Otherwise, yes, they'd crash. hehe. I'll take your porch BBQ tho! AND the white kitchen to match (HOW do you keep finding my dream kitchen? love it!).
Have a beautiful weekend, Rosemary.
Your devoted neighbor,
Sherilyn at Clear Crick Cottage

Anonymous said...

Rosemary, I love primitive portraits. This little girl is absolutely charming. And, yes, our flag will fly this weekend as it does each day and I have gathered my collection of sort-of-old American flags on sticks in an urn on the dining room table.
Happy Memorial Day to you and your mother and Webster.