Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Double Porch Swings

I hope the owners of this delightful wrap-around porch with the double swings are busy getting it ready for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend. Can you believe it's almost here? I cleaned the porch-balcony floor off my living room way too soon this year and you'd never know it had been touched. It's covered with maple tree sailor seed pods. Luckily the huge shop vac never made it back to the barn. It is still sitting in my kitchen ready for me to give it another go today. 

Now about this double porch swing setup; aren't they too close together? Are they designed for horizontal use only? If you were sitting upright and swinging wouldn't your shins bang into the other swing? Ouch. I'll take the one with the blanket and move the pillows to the other arm so I can recline and look at the ocean. You can have the other one. See you later.


LANA said...

I agree - it looks alittle weird. Could it be they are just suspended that way and not meant for actually swinging? Would be a shame. Lana www.lifeatwildberrycottage.com

Willow said...

I love porch swings and agree that they are too close. I have one on the front porch and hoping to put one in the back yard next year. Have a great Holiday Weekend.

outdoor furniture said...

It is beautiful, I like its design I hope it is durable and can carry a lot of weight.