Sunday, April 3, 2011

Charming Thatched Cottage to Love

I know everyone would love to spend the day at this cottage in England with the fabulous thatched roof. I am quite sure I'd never want to leave. The yellow front door works with the garden in front, doesn't it? Enjoy your Sunday; I'm doing an open house today. See you this evening.

Content in a Cottage


Tina said...

I'm sure Pooh Bear is in there somewhere....hope your open house day went well :)
Does Webster go with you or does he stay home and guard the fort?

Erjuska said...

The garden and cottage are so beautiful. It would be really nice to spent one day in that cottage.

Have a nice sunday : )

The Fox Box said...

I love this cottage! I want to wear daisy chains in my hair, sit in the front yard and read while my apple pie cools in the window.