Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wooden Coat Hanger Clothes Dryer Conversion

Isn't this a great idea? Forget the cards...I'm going to hang socks and unmentionables on mine over the shower curtain rod. All you have to do is screw some "eyes" into a wooden hanger and thread them with twine that is looped through some wooden clothes pins. I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for more of these at garage and estate sales. I think they would make great gifts, don't you? Everybody has to drip dry something every once in a while. via

Content in a Cottage


Rachel VanHook said...

Funny! I just saw an idea using the old "clip" style wooden hangers to hang kids' artwork and was thinking I'd keep an eye out at yard sales and stores we frequent :) This is a great idea too!

Clear Crick Cottage said...

I too can see the possibilities in this little design too. Have you seen the cute way they decopauge pretty paper onto the clothespins now? That could be done with the hanger too. Oooo I'm glad I never threw away my old wooden hangers (I just thought they were cool and vintagey) because I might have to make them useful outside the closet now! :)
Thanks Rosemary!
love, Sherilyn

Pauline said...

It's very unique!!! I want to have that one. a wooden hanger.