Friday, March 18, 2011

A Frenchie Takes A Sun Bath

We just returned from a nice walk. It's still a little too chilly to sun yourself outside but the rug in front of the kitchen sink is perfect. Plus a piece of food might fall from the sky. A hungry dog is the best kitchen cleaner around. Piggie is like a Roomba, one of those little round robotic vacuum cleaners.

Happy Friday.
Content in a Cottage


Carol said...

I thought it might be difficult to see other dogs, as my constant companion of over 15 years passed away on Saturday. But seeing your lovely pictures and words about dogs has given me such comfort. Thank you from one dog lover to another.

Marilyn said...

by the look in the last photo I think he heard you describe him as a food vacuum!! Isn't it nice to see the sun? Hope you have a great weekend and the sun keeps shining.

Bonnie said...

I am helplessly in love! The geranium photo is beautiful.
I wintered one. It isn't looking good. Bonnie

kana/ga said...

I'm certainly gonna miss daily updates on Piggie, but Webster's looking forward to your undivided attention,I'm sure.

Waverly said...

PIggie....what a fabulous dog. I enjoy your blog very much. It's like a receiving a cheerful postcard each day.